Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Artisan - World Of Delights

People throng Las Vegas Nevada exclusively for enjoying the gaming and gambling. But I belong to a much orthodox family. I was confused with selecting the Hotel at Las Vegas as each and every hotel was popular for its gambling and gaming facilities. I searched and searched on the internet. Finally I got a non gaming luxury hotel at Las Vegas. The Artisan this is the hotel where I booked accommodation package for our family. Our trip started with enthusiasm.

When we landed at the McCarran Air port we did not find much difficulty to reach the luxury Hotel Artisan as it took just few minutes to reach the hotel. The lobby of this hotel decorated with arts on the ceiling takes you to a palace of the ancient days. The hotel was well equipped and a budgeted one for middle class. The suites of this luxury hotel with well furnished high class look made us to wonder. The non-smoking rooms which are special of this hotel with excellent artistic look admired us very much. The name Artisan could have been arrived with the decorations and work done on the ceilings.

Surrounded by bushy greenery trees the pool of this luxury Hotel was at its best. We want to lighten up for a while during our stay and we decided this would be idle place for relaxing. Enjoy the food and beverage service in this pool and continue to relax. You can either book a cabana or utilize the large day beds. Lying for a while hearing music will definitely calm down the muscles of your body.

My children loved the food served at this luxury hotel as they have never tasted American cuisines. Prepared by the world famous chefs uncountable delicious dishes are made every day to cater their guests. If you are tired you can avail the in room dining facility too. Their service to their guests has to be appreciated.

Just enter the spa of this Hotel to have a fresh look. Go for any of the special massage and there you are fresh and fine without any pain. Due to heavy work load I was feeling tired and I too went for a perfect massage. It was unbelievable as I felt two years younger than before after the effective massage. You can also avail the salon facility at this luxury hotel. Wedding chapels is the highlight of this luxury hotel. With beautiful lawns you will feel heavenly atmosphere. If your wedding ceremony could be performed in a place like one of heaven with affordable cost will you reject it?

Las Vegas is best suited for vacation as it provides you non stop activity throughout the day and night. I visited some worthy places which includes museum, Lake Tahoe etc. Shopping was the best thing which I liked in Las Vegas. We were very brisk through out our trip. How can one become tired when there is a VIP service by the crew of the hotel Artisan? With sweet memories in mind and lots of gifts for friends in hand we returned to our country. I humbly accept that the travel to Las Vegas was my best ever tour in my life. Of course we have a big plan to make another trip to Las Vegas. If you are in search of a good hotel with luxury treatments at Las Vegas then make an online booking only at the Hotel Artisan Las Vegas.

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