Friday, February 6, 2009

Bally's - The Pride Of Las Vegas

Being software professional I am a frequent traveler to many parts of the world. I have visited many countries, cities throughout the world. But there is one place and one team which I could never erase from my mind. The place is none other than Las Vegas, Nevada and the team is staff of Hotel Bally’s, Las Vegas. Our company after going through the Las Vegas Hotel reviews decided to book my stay at Hotel Bally’s which provides outstanding amenities compared to other top Las Vegas Hotels.

The outer structure of the Bally’s itself will attracts the guests. But when you enter the suites of this luxury hotel you will feel to stay for all the 365 days if you are a millionaire. The infrastructure provided in the rooms cannot be compared to any of the top Las Vegas Hotels. Staying at this luxury hotel does not look like my official tour. It was like a vacation.

Bally’s, Las Vegas provides you with non stop entertainment in its Casino. When ever there is no official work I too enjoy some attracting games like poker, slots and table games. The race and sports book of Bally’s Las Vegas seems to be a good entertainer.

The seasonal swimming pool surrounded by sky touching palm trees adds beauty to this top Las Vegas Hotel. Let it be heated pool or Bally’s spa swimming what ever is your choice that is the right choice because the time elapses quickly as you will feel much relaxed in the pool.

Fond of Mexican food or Italian delight, Steak House or casual dining everything is there in Hotel Bally’s. The world famous chefs of this restaurant cater hot mouth watering delicious cuisines that suit this modern day people. I tasted a stuffed pizza of this restaurant and got stunned with its taste.

If you are in age of twenty’s definitely you will not miss the night life at Bally’s. The young show girls with energy entertain their guests in a unique way. Spa of Hotel Bally’s built on a vast area gives many more offers and exceptional services. Before winding my tour I too had the service of this luxurious spa. It was amazing as I felt both my body and soul light after a special massage.

When you go somewhere on vacation you have to go for shopping and get some thing for your near and dear. Bally’s shopping has unique gifts. Some of them I purchased were few beautifully designed hand bags and mind catching jewelry for my mom and some rare candies and chocolates for the kids in our family.

After my travel to Nevada, I have visited many places. But this Las Vegas trip comes in my dream again and again. No doubt, the credit for my sweet dream goes to Hotel Bally’s, Las Vegas. I have missed to cover many places at Nevada. Let me get married first. My honey moon trip will be only at Hotel Bally’s, Las Vegas.

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