Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Caesars Palace - Seizes Your Mind

We young guys enjoy our vacation in different place every year. One of my friends was interested to travel the Silver City Nevada in United States. When the question of stay came without taking much time he suggested for the very olden days Hotel with merry look in Las Vegas. It is none other than Hotel Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. We nodded and booked our accommodation in this luxury Hotel availing a huge discount of 25% as we opted for 4 night stay. Las Vegas Hotel reviews provided us much information and our travel began.

The five towers Hotel Caesars Palace was simply superb. The fountain in front of Hotel Caesars Palace added beauty to it. We have never seen such a gigantic Hotel. The beauty of the room made us stunning and we thought we were quite right in choosing this luxury hotel.

Our first day started in the Casino with many action games. Gambling and Poker was our taste. One will not come out of the Casino as the games were very tempting. You can enjoy the delicious food and massage at the Caesars Casino. The huge poker room was beautified with wall hangings and old historic paintings were the special things there.
Don’t miss the delicious hot food served by the French Chef Guy Savoy’s restaurant in Augustus Tower. The stuffy stomach filling food provided by this hotel is unforgettable. Dining at Caesars Palace restaurant was different. You need American Cuisine or South Western Cuisine, Seasonal food or Steak food, the choice is yours and the service is theirs’. Is it your birthday? You would like to give a party? There is a hot spot night club at Hotel Caesars Palace. You will enjoy the whole night with wine. Caesars Palace takes care of their guest in a unique way so that they will come back once again to visit Las Vegas. The Chocolate shop has variety of chocolate delights which one should not miss to taste.

The Salon at Hotel Caesars Palace, Las Vegas was the essential amenity guys like we require. The health massage provided by Caesars Palace Spa was brain stimulating.

Conventional Centre with big ball rooms, Business centre with round the clock Internet facility is a must for any of the business person. Hotel Caesars Palace takes pride in providing an exceptional facility to the busy businessmen.

Searching for excellent Wedding Chapel! Place your bookings only with this Luxury Hotel Caesars Palace, Las Vegas to impress your near and dear ones.

Travel to Nevada for the first time made us mad to visit this sin city for vacation. Our journey covered museums, lake, art galleries, skiing etc. at Nevada. We are going back home carrying the sweet memories availed from Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Las Vegas Hotel booking is very easy now. We will be back with a Bang next year too.

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