Monday, April 6, 2009

Circus Circus - The Magic Place For Kids

Circus Circus The Magic Place For Kids in Las Vegas

Vacation lining up! Kids need a break after their exams! This time I want to take my kids to Circus Cirus. This is not the Circus as you think. This funny name is the name of grand, luxurious, sophisticated Hotel in Las Vegas. Once I had visited Las Vegas on my business trip and this time I want to take my family for vacation. I was familiar with Las Vegas booking and hence I started to plan well before the vacation. Las Vegas Hotel reviews are with me and once again I chose to stay at Hotel Circus Cirus the joy forever. I was firm that my children will like the Hotel Circus Cirus.

My kids were astonished to see such a beautiful hotel built in the vast area. Even the shape of the hotel impressed my children. Of the luxurious Tower Rooms and Manor Rooms I chose Manor which had the homely facility. The Rooms were large with all amenities and my children loved it. They felt that they were in one of the top Las Vegas Hotels. They enjoyed the breakfast which was matching their taste. The reason to choose Circus Cirus Hotel was simple. I felt that the Adventurous Park of this Hotel is sure to make my children happy. Adventurous Park at Circus Circus is not only the place for children to enjoy but also for adults too. It was my youngest son’s birthday and he thanked me for celebrating his birthday in such a big Hotel Circus Circus Las Vegas.

Hotel Circus Circus and Circus Players Club has the best games that adults like me wish to play. Pokers, gambling and other games fetched some earning also. I know that Top Las Vegas Hotels are good in catering having excellent restaurants to satisfy their customer. I became addict to few dishes served by the Circus Circus Hotel. The special pizza, pastas or sandwich, sea food or salads what ever you order will definitely be worthy.

Children will not get bored during their stay at this luxury hotel. They have the chance of enjoying the real circus at Hotel Circus Circus. Wedding Chapels with fountain view is the bubble of this Hotel Circus Circus. Apart from this the conference halls and meeting halls of this Hotel has the renowned name for its excellent service.

Spa and Salon of Hotel Circus Circus has many talented staff who do service with the smiling face. No guest will fail to avail the facility of spa and salon.

Lovingly acclaimed gambling city Las Vegas is the main tourist attraction of Nevada. Children love to walk at the lawn of Circus Circus and swim in pool of water. The package tour to Nevada arranged and guided by Hotel Circus Circus was exceptional. My children visited museum, lake and enjoyed skiing, racing games at Nevada. Our long stay at Las Vegas ended shortly as we were busy through out trip. The credit goes to none other than Hotel Circus Circus. We ended our trip after shopping in Las Vegas. Even though my children felt sad while vacating the hotel, they became happy when I said that we will be visiting Las Vegas, Nevada next year too on their vacation and stay at Hotel Circus Circus. I will be at Circus Circus next year; Hope you too will make it!

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