Monday, April 6, 2009

East Side Cannery - Dreamland Of Las Vegas

Tourism development has led people to opt traveling abroad for vacation. But just like that you cannot select a place and proceed. You need some one to guide you and assist you for a pleasurable journey. If your stay is good then I am sure that your travel will succeed. Let me take you to a place with heavenly atmosphere where you will find only excitements and entertainments. This is my personal experience. My last year vacation was to Las Vegas a city in the state of Nevada in United States. I booked my stay at a luxury hotel Eastside Cannery. Unlimited facilities with unlimited luxury are the specialty of this hotel.

You have various types and sizes of rooms and suites for your choice. Your choice may be a standard room, deluxe room or suite but the luxury level of this hotel has equal status. My children were excited to see such a beautiful room with excellent flooring. The 37” plasma flat T.V was their main entertainment. Shower and bath tub in this luxury room gave them some happy moments while bathing.

Eastside Cannery Casino is the perfect entertaining place for people like me who are workaholic. When you start playing your favorite bingo in the smoke free atmosphere you will not have mind to come out of the casino. This is not simply for entertainment. Your winning points may fetch you some valuable discounts too. Poker lovers go mad in this casino playing for a whole day as you have no restrictions.
One Six Sky Lounge the heaven of Las Vegas at Eastside Cannery Casino & Hotel brings you unbelievable experience at the night club. Dance with your favorite friend or sweet heart at this luxury hotel and attain the most entertaining hours. Sleep is not guaranteed in this night club as you have lot to do. Do not miss to taste the wine in a blissful atmosphere and delicious dinner for your energy and tempting moments. View the beauty of Las Vegas from the roof of this luxury hotel and that would be your much delighted hours.

My dining experience at Eastside cannery Casino & Hotel has to be exposed for your convenience and goodness. Deli the restaurant of this luxury hotel caters variety tasty sandwiches, pizzas, hotdogs and many more tasty cuisines. Some thrilling experience, tempting dishes is not enough for a good hotel? Carve, the newly opened restaurant’s specialty is fresh and tender seafood, wood fired steak foods and chicken specials. If you are really a good appetizer then you will have a good feast here.

Is it your wedding day? Convert your stay into loving moments at this luxury hotel Eastside Cannery Casino & Hotel. Book your special event with them and celebrate it in a unique way. They specialists with their team take care of every event or meeting that is being conducted at their hotel. From welcoming part to the end of the event they take responsibility. Catering service for the functions are perfectly arranged and managed by these professionals to the extreme satisfaction of their guests.

Nevada is a place to visit at least once in our life. You can take a package tour to visit the places in and around Las Vegas. Your best place to stay is certainly Las Vegas and the best people are Eastside Cannery Casino & Hotel. Apart from offering their luxury service they also help in need. If you want to plan your program at Las Vegas take their assistance and service for your gain and make your dream travel to reality.

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