Monday, February 9, 2009

Excalibur - Glory Of Las Vegas

You could have seen the Managing Director of a company pestering his Sales Manager to achieve the sales target? Have you seen any Boss gifting his employee to travel abroad for achieving his sales target? I am one of the lucky guys to get that offer from my company. I was given Air/Accommodation package for my entire family. Do you know the place where I was sent? It was Las Vegas, Nevada. And the accommodation they provided us was at Hotel Excalibur, Las Vegas. Seeing my air ticket my family was surprised. They want to see the Hotel where we are going to stay. They browsed the internet and found the Hotel reviews of Las Vegas. Hotel Excalibur, Las Vegas looked as a palace in Las Vegas. We were eagerly waiting for the day to travel Nevada and our dream came true one day.

The rooms of Hotel Excalibur with beautiful cots made us forget everything. They offered us huge discounts on selected packages. Wide Screen room, Guest room, guest suite these are some of the special suites of Hotel Excalibur, Las Vegas. One will not deny the Wide Screen Plasma Suite if they have a glimpse. I too was very much impressed and chose the most luxurious one.

My life partner takes her hair with care. She was happy to see such highly talented women working on the Spa and Salon of Hotel Excalibur. Normally she visits the parlor only once in a month. But this luxury Spa & salon separate for men and women made her to visit thrice during our stay. She loved the friendly approach of the team of Hotel Excalibur.

We love Steak foods but we don’t get good tasty steak foods in our country. Hotel Excalibur provides you with fresh beef cooked by special chefs and varied sea foods. For some people food is a part of their life. But if you enjoy the same in this luxury Hotel Excalibur it will become the main thing in your life. Round table buffet, this is buffet at Hotel of Excalibur offers you with numerous dishes, salads, deserts which not alone fill your stomach but the taste of the dishes make you surprised how a Hotel can offer such delicious dishes.

Gaming is the main attraction of Las Vegas. Excalibur too has many games for the entertainment of their guests. Once you enter the Casino of Excalibur, you will not come out of it for a day. If you miss to try poker, table games or slot at the Casino of Excalibur your travel will be only partly fulfilled. Don’t fail to try the lucky games that may fetch you some earning.

During our stay we just went round the Hotel Premises of Excalibur. This luxury Hotel has a wonderful Wedding Chapel. I came to know that once you book the hall they take care of your event to become a victorious one. From decoration to food the arrangements were very good.

My vacation to Nevada was amazing. My children enjoyed at the pool of Excalibur. I have never stayed in such a luxury Hotel in a life time before. I must definitely thank my management for choosing the right place Las Vegas and the right Hotel Excalibur. Hotel Excalibur provided the service to visit the entire Nevada, guided us to enjoy skiing, biking, air glider and helped us to shop something for our friends. This time this trip was a gift from my boss but next it will be from my pocket as Nevada is a worthy place to visit more than once. What ever you have, share it with others; Yes I am going to share my sweet memories of Excalibur with my colleagues. Let them too work hard; get a gift from the Management; travel Nevada and attain their life time achievement.

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