Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fitzgerald Las Vegas - Wonderland For Many

United States is a dream country for many to work. But do you know there is a place at United States in the state of Nevada which is a dream for many couple to travel? Nevada has been rated the top spot to tour by the travelers around the world. Many prefer to tour at this place as it is a place of joy and pleasure not only for newly wedded one but also to the people of different ages. Las Vegas a city in Nevada has to be credited for its numerous numbers of hotels and its service. I too became a prey to one of the hotels which turned my vacation a luxury one.

When I planned my trip to Nevada, I just read the hotel reviews of Las Vegas and booked my accommodation in the hotel Fitzgerald, Las Vegas. I thought it would be of the same as the other hotels in our country. But the things were different when I landed at the airport McCarran. Just 20 minutes ride from the airport I was there at this luxury hotel. Their service starts right from the airport. Just forget your worries land at Fitzgerald Las Vegas to have a new day. You could have heard the word luxury, but you wouldn’t have experienced it so much any time. Just stay at Fitzgerald Las Vegas and that will be the turning point of your life.

The rooms of hotel Fitzgerald have to be awarded for its elegancy. Resting is must for any traveler. Only then their travel will get complete fulfillment. The sophisticated spongy beds were best to relax and their service during my stay was at its best. You have lots of inner room facilities which include currency exchange and laundry service. When it comes to the point of enjoyment you have a lot. You will be in a dilemma, which to select and which to reject. Yes, I mean the Casino of this luxury Hotel Fitzgerald, Las Vegas. Let me tell you some of the games I enjoyed at this luxury hotel. The Casino of Fitzgerald has excellent outlook which attracts any tourist to play at least 5 games. Men or women whoever it may be will not miss the poker the most entertaining game in this city and the best of Fitzgerald. I too tried a few and earned some money. I did not have the mind of coming out of the casino as the table games at this hotel were very interesting. Have you ever played or seen live Keno? If you are interested you too can avail this experience at the luxury hotel Fitzgerald, Las Vegas. The Casino of this Hotel is always a busy one with people having fun in slots, table games, video pokers etc.

How will you rate a hotel? I am a food appetizer and hence I prefer the hotels which provide delicious dishes. This luxury hotel with its top class restaurants caters variety of foods. Don B’s Steakhouse is one which I use to visit regularly during my stay there. You get variety of sea food, tender roasted chicken and mesmerizing wine. When ever you feel hungry at the Casino of this Hotel you need not take a brake from your interesting game. Just come out of the Casino room you will find the world wide famous restaurant McDonalds. I need not say what all you will get there. Tasty burgers with yummy ice cream are my choice. Courtyard Grill and Buffet this is the restaurant of Hotel Fitzgerald Las Vegas where you can enjoy the breakfast, lunch or dinner with unlimited dishes and unlimited tastes. The varieties are rare but the care taken by the staff to make it delicious is simply outstanding. I was thrilled to taste such delicious dishes in my life.

My trip was coming to end. My best relaxing place in this luxury hotel was its swimming pool. Cool water, good surrounding with a cup of drink of your choice, is it not enough for best relaxation.

Nevada is a place to visit. Let it be your vacation trip or casual trip. There are lots of entertaining places which even children can enjoy. Have you ever enjoyed skiing, biking, gliding in your country? If not it is easy and simple to attain the height of wonder at Las Vegas. Book your ticket; get your accommodation at Hotel Fitzgerald Las Vegas reach the enjoyment of your life.

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