Monday, April 6, 2009

South Point - Place of Pleasure

Vacation begins and confusion too begins. Selecting the perfect place, getting good accommodation, booking tickets a long way run and we become tired even before we begin our journey. To make your journey comfortable, discuss with your friends or colleagues who have experience in traveling. Otherwise treat me as your good friend and let me provide you a best place and a good stay for your vacation. Let me share my sweet moments at the Las Vegas, Nevada where I visited recently. I did not make much time in deciding the hotel of my stay, as I know very well that no one match the luxury Hotel South Point.

When I landed at South Point Hotel Las Vegas NV, I was excited and astonished by the service and the reception given by their staff. I have never come across such a luxury hotel in my life. The suites of this hotel were heart touching. Every suite in this luxury hotel had a huge plasma television to have a convenient view from your bed side. The smooth Point Plush pillows and rich looking bed gives a feeling as if we were in a palace.

Gaming is the important action in Las Vegas. I cannot explain my wonderful moments I attained at the Casino of South Point Hotel Las Vegas NV. If you want to have a full time entertainment then personally visit this Casino to attain the happiness I got. With variety games they keep their guests busy. Popular games like poker and slots are my favorites. If you want to try table games there are more than 60 types and a day is not enough to cover all these. South Points Hotels Race and Sports Book provide you exciting hours during your stay. Watch your favorite game tasting your favorite drink from Del Mar Lounge at this Casino. Bingo lovers can avail the two in one service at this luxury hotel. Play the game and have your stomach filled. Bowling Snack Bar brings you some crunchy quick bites for your appetizing moments.

Four-Diamond Award Winner and the top world class Chef Michael’s gourmet room is situated in the South Point Hotel. You need not question about the quality as Michael’s dishes have fetched world wide acknowledgement and appreciation from the top class people. The service and the cuisines served in this restaurant will make you a good eater even if you don’t give importance to food. Garden Buffet restaurant at this luxury hotel caters cuisines of Asian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Mongolian and the dishes from the nook and corner of other countries. Chefs take special care to prepare each and every item and so we will not have mind to reject any of the dish. Apart from this do not miss to taste the soup and variety burger from the South Point Hotel Coronado CafĂ© as they are popular among guests. If you are a good appetizer then try the hot spicy roasted tender chicken served at the Mezzanine restaurant of South Point.

Week end entertainments are waiting for you at South Point Hotel Las Vegas NV. Book them even before you book your stay as every show is going to add some sweet and pleasurable moments to your trip. To make yourself entertained and engaged you need lot of energy. How to get supercharged? Once get in to the spa and salon of this luxury hotel, avail any of the special massages and variety skin care treatment and become energized to have another wonderful day.

Wonderful days and times are unforgettable. Nevada has many places to visit. A week time is not enough. For best guidance and first class amenities book your suite well before your trip at the luxury Hotel South Point Las Vegas NV. Their team of dedicated staffs will make your trip more comfortable and luxurious one. Once you avail the luxury service of this hotel you too will start giving reviews about this hotel to your friends.

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