Saturday, February 28, 2009

Treasure Island - Place of Pleasure

I am a journalist of a top magazine. I was asked to write a cover story about Nevada. Enjoyment, this is not possible in the life of Journalists. Fire, accident, bombing, flood that is what, our eyes capture and pen writes. Changes occur in every person. It happened in my life too. When I was at Las Vegas a city in the State of Nevada, I was given accommodation in a Hotel, Treasure Island. I am always workaholic and never look upon the Hotel I stay. But this Luxury Hotel Treasure Island had really a lot of treasures in it. When I entered the room of this Luxury Hotel I felt as if I was in a land of jewels. I decided that I should not go empty handed from this Hotel without availing the services from Casino to Spa.

Panoramic View Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Strip View Rooms, these are few of the luxury rooms of this Hotel. What ever you prefer, only cost differs the infrastructure and beauty of these rooms will be at its par.

I have heard about the Night Life of Las Vegas as a Special. But never seen or enjoyed ever. Hotel Treasure Island with heart beating entertainment throughout the night was energizing. The Night Life Land was the Treasure Islands most engaging place. Don’t miss the most comical show of Bill Engvall at the theatre of this luxury hotel. Know the date of the performance; get your ticket booked along with your stay. Sirens of Treasure Island the latest and hottest show will make you hop with thrill.

Hungry after non stop entertainment, lot of exciting dishes and deserts waiting for you at the Treasure Island’s Buffet Hall. More items, more taste. What to eat? What to Leave? Soups, Sweets, Savories, blend of ice creams, traditional, Mexican, Italian all in one place with high standard is a treasure one could have never tasted. The fluffy lemon cake is a special item of this top Las Vegas Hotel. Do not miss the Banquet Hall of Treasure Island filled with stuffy foods. I fell in love with these delicious foods. That is why after my stay at this Luxury Hotel I started giving importance to food too.

Now I understood what else is there to enjoy in one’s life. I will not miss the Casino of the Treasure Island where exotic games are waiting for one and all. Sports Book, betting or slots, each one was entertaining and amazing.

I never dreamt of my wedding before entering the Hotel Treasure Island. I have decided once for all, my wedding will be only at the Wedding Chapel of this Luxury Hotel. The arrangements were astonishing as there are a group of professionals working hard to impress their guests. Beautiful, wonderful, marvelous what other words can I give to the beautiful women in this world. Yes the spa of this Hotel takes the credit to make the woman beauty that also plays a key role in a wedding.

I came to Nevada to write a cover story. Now apart from that I will be writing an article about the Hotel Treasure Island, Las Vegas. Hotel Treasure Island is full of pleasure. What ever may be your profession, whether you’re busy or not, you need a break from your work and have some entertainment. Why don’t you forget all the things surrounding you and have a trip to Nevada to attain the most entertaining life for a week at least for this vacation. Start your journey book your stay only at the luxurious Treasure Island.

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