Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bellagio – Luxurious place to stay

My last vacation with my family made me memorable one. It is just because of Hotel Bellagio at Las Vegas. I booked my accommodation through internet. They even they take care of Air tickets and sight seeing at Las Vegas. The facilities provided by the Hotel Bellagio are really unimaginable.

The beautifully decorated lobby at Hotel Bellagio was quite astonishing. The stay at Hotel Bellagio makes one to forget everything. The luxury rooms of Bellagio vary in size from 515 sq.ft - 4215 sq.ft. suitable for common man to business man. The style and convenience of this Hotel at the city Las Vegas will make you to extend your stay. The Rooms of this Hotel are fashioned and designed in such a way to make ourselves comfortable. They are named Bellagio Queen, Tower Deluxe King and so on. The hospitality shown by the staff’s of Hotel Bellagio are unforgettable. My stay at Hotel Bellagio was mind refreshing.

Hotel Bellagio has separate halls to conduct executive meeting, events and conventions. Depending on your necessity you can book your accommodation through internet. Business men like me will choose to book conventional hall at Las Vegas – Bellagio. There is a big shopping complex inside Bellagio. You can get all things you wish to buy at a reasonable price. The restaurant at Bellagio, Los Vegas is mouth watering. There are many varieties to choose. You can get foods of many countries. The tasty hot food and snacks are delicious and tempting. There are varieties of food to choose. Dining at Hotel Bellagio is definitiely not very expensive as I thought.

They are cheaper than what I expected. Apart from all these things the Gym and swimming pool of Bellagio impressed me very much. I forgot me for a moment and danced in joy when I was enjoying the music at fontana bar at Hotel Bellagio. I too enjoyed in the pool of water with a cup of wine in my hand. The spa & salon service at Bellagio make us fresh and fit throughout the day. There are seasonal offers for some special massage and treatment. I tasted varieties of fresh cocktails at the caramel bar attached to the restaurant. One should never miss to visit the library at Bellagio. The library of Bellagio is definitely very helpful. You can find collection of floor plans, technical information, brochures, forms, menus which make us convenient to plan ourselves. Hotel Bellagio made our travel easy. They guided us in a way so that we did not face any discomfort.

One should never forget to travel, Nevada the largest state in the U.S. Hotel Bellagio arranged a trip throughout Nevada. There are many entertaining things to enjoy at Nevada. My children enjoyed the Travel to Nevada as the whole state had plenty of places to visit. We enjoyed the rare event of snow balls showering on us. Children enjoy this place by skiing, skating in snow. I enjoyed the trip to Nevada as the places of visit were really mind relishing. Travel trip to Las Vegas will definitely be enjoyable.

Mario Andretti the racing school at Nevada is a place that should never be missed. My trip to Las Vegas turned out to be successful because of Hotel Bellagio. Never forget to book with Hotel Bellagio, Los Vegas to make your vacation a wonderful one.

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