Thursday, January 15, 2009

Venetian – A Palace to Stay

This beautifully designed luxury hotel at Las Vegas is a mind blowing one. Oh! It was my pleasure to stay at Hotel Venetian, Las Vegas. I was lucky to get such good Air cum Accommodation package as I booked it through internet. I got a special discount for booking through this combo-pack. My trip started comfortably as I was received by the staff of the Venetian Hotel in the airport itself. The Lobby of the Hotel Venetian was astonishing. None can provide the amenities as provided by Venetian. The suites of this Hotel are unique. Out of Prima suite, bella suite and luxury suite I opted for Prima Suite which was looking compact and at affordable cost. You will be busy throughout when you are at Venetian. The choice of entertainment is left to you.

You can go for the theatre to watch a Hollywood movie, you can enjoy the swimming pool or you can even spend your time in the green garden by enjoying natural breeze. For a day I forgot everything and enjoyed in the club playing gambling games. If you choose the Resort Package, your stay at Venetian will become a memorable one. You can enjoy Spa Club with Gym, Fitness Centre, Kick Boxing and Yoga. Don’t fail to attend the Yoga class at Spa Club as it refreshes your mind and soul. If you go for the Resort Package you will be provided with Restaurant Coupons. There are varieties of dishes to choose from this Restaurant. This luxury Hotel at Las Vegas has some exclusive facilities for the business men. The Vast Meeting Hall with its elegancy is sure to make you book once more in Hotel Venetian. Don’t get bored during the evenings because you have many more games to enjoy. My favourite one was Poker and table tennis. I enjoyed the shopping mall at Hotel Venetian because it was a place where I got everything in one roof. The gift articles I purchased were price worthy. The ball room of this Hotel will make you dance even if you are not a dancer. To my surprise the wedding hall of this Hotel was looking like glowing lamp on the top of the hill. If I get one more chance to visit a place on my vacation it is Las Vegas and my stay will be at Hotel Venetian.

Never forget the Slogan “Travel Neveda, enjoy yourself” as this Silver State has many distinct attractions. You will miss something if you fail to travel Neveda. Hoover Dam at Neveda is one other place where you will swing automatically. Hotel Venetian, Las Vegas is the right choice to opt as they made us to visit Neveda in a way we enjoy. Historic sites are worth to visit at Neveda. Air Sports, Skiing, Auto Racing, Biking are the entertaining things that one should never miss at Neveda. “Gift your loved ones! Book your tickets today to Las Vegas, Stay at Hotel Venetian, travel Neveda”.

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